Google Nexus 6 getting ready to roar

Google Nexus series is one of the most popular series of smartphones. Every year, Google adds a new smartphone member into the Nexus series. You must know, Google Nexus series not limited to just smartphones. But the base of the series is of course Nexus smartphone. Google has recently launched its 5th Generation smartphone the LG Nexus 5 and now expectations of people and the next generation technology is forcing people to imagine the next avatar of nexus series the Google Nexus 6 smartphone.

The Evolution:

Nexus 6

The history of Nexus series smartphone is pretty interesting. It started with HTC Nexus One in Jan 2010, then in Dec 2010 Samsung Nexus S, and then in Nov 2011 the Samsung Galaxy Nexus appeared. Later on, in 2012 LG Nexus 4 appeared which broke all the records in terms of sales and price to performance ratio. And the 2013 version is miles ahead then the previous history. Google revealed the LG Nexus 5 on the 31st October and since then the smartphone is selling like hot cakes. Google & LG has defined the standard of performance and specifications with the launch of Nexus 5. However, it is not all the best smartphone of the market but if we compare the price then, yes Nexus 5 is best. Since the Nexus 4, the count of fans of Nexus series reached to uncountable. If people knows, Google will reveal the next Nexus after 4 months and already market has pretty good smartphone manufactured by Sony, Apple, HTC or Samsung then also people will wait for the Nexus smartphone to come out. Yes, I belong to the same fan list. However, now the rumors and leaks for the next Google Nexus 6 smartphone would take the performance to the imaginary end. Yes, 16 nm scale manufactured chipsets are getting ready and with the octa-core processors power the performance would be unbeatable. This upcoming hardware would appear in 2014 for sure. Already many of the manufactures have announced such hardware that they might reveal at Mobile world congress in Feb 2014.

  • HTC Nexus One – Jan 2010
  • Samsung Nexus S – Dec 2010
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Nov 2011
  • LG Nexus 4 – Nov 2012
  • LG Nexus 5 – Nov 2013
  • Google Nexus 6 – August 2014?

Nexus 6 release date

Since the launch of Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 in the early November of the year, now people have set the next Nexus 6 release date to be either late October 2014. But none can actually confirm you the release date of Nexus 6.

Nexus 6

But there is good news for Google smartphones fans that there is a probability and chances that Google may schedule the Nexus 6 release date in the second quarter of 2014, instead of 3rd quarter. This can be judge by the present smartphone market and the demands of people. The nexus series is affordable solution for those, who want to buy high-end smartphone at low or appropriate prices. And actually Nexus 5 is one of the best high-end smartphone in terms of design, performance, construction and handling. What else you need, it is the complete solution for every possible need of you in terms of smartphone. But we fans of technology and in the greediness of something new, we demand something better before time. Well, it happens sometimes only. Let’s cross our fingers and whisper in the ears of Google that we want, Google Nexus 6 should be released in the second quarter of 2014.

On Feb 27, Google’s Sundar Pichai confirmed the news that the new Nexus phone will not be launched during first half of the year, but he didn’t give any further indication of the actual launch date. Previously, Google has released Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 in late 2012 and 2013 respectively. So, that makes quite a strong case that Google Nexus 6 will be launched also in later part of 2014. Sit tight and relax and we’ll keep you all updated on the release date of Google Nexus 6.

Nexus 6 Display – curved, 3d or flexible?

If you have observed in the Nexus series smartphone, Google launch the Nexus smartphone in the end of the year and with all the high end specifications that are currently the trend or the things that would be just a new trend. Google maintains the equilibrium for the trend and demand. We don’t mean, it wait throughout the year and picks the positive high end specifications, mix them and create a beast. The originality of Nexus smartphone is always an impressive factor. However, to stand in the market, Google has to pick such specifications. Haters can pick any reason to criticize.

Nexus 6

 We can easily find few smartphone Geek that hate the nexus 5. But the reality is judged by the mass. If we talk about the future generation Google Nexus 6 smartphone, then it would of course match the trend of the time. Already Samsung and LG have taken the initiative to bring the curved display smartphone and the little success of the curved display smartphone has already defined its future and interest of people. The present chances are negligible that we would see curved display Nexus 6. But who knows, if Google has not even decided yet. They are busy in selling nexus 5, just kidding.

Just a month ago, a Chinese manufacturer has released world’s first 2K resolution display smartphone and the results and interest of people is pretty impressive and Samsung is also going to launch a such smartphone very soon. Now, you can judge the right trend. Better rendering capability, new color scheme, high end resolution is the demand of people and manufactures will of course take this to next level. 2K resolutions (Ultra High Definition) smartphone display could be normal in 2014 and Google would not lack in the race. Google is itself a winner and it will win for sure.  Soon, we will see the concept Nexus 6 images created by fans and designers. Also, there are rumors Galaxy Note 4 would come up with 2K / 4K resolution display.

Google Nexus 6 specifications

  • True octa-core, 2.4Ghz+ processor
  • At least 4GB RAM (the present trend is already reached to 3GB RAM)
  • 20MP ultra low light sensitivity camera sensor (expected)
  • 5 inches 2K UHD resolution display
  • 3100 mAh battery
  • Finger print and other security sensor
  • Health, atmosphere and thermo sensor
  • 64GB and 128GB memory versions

None of the manufacturer can complete the all the expectations of a smartphone geek. A geek can even demand for 8GB RAM in a smartphone. There are already few blogs that are not actually claiming but revealed in the rumors that Google Nexus 6 would support the 6GB RAM. I think they don’t mean, Nexus 6 so Ram also 6GB. Well, 6GB RAM is not sensible. Even 4GB RAM is more than enough for a smartphone but we can’t easily predict the hardware of smartphone after few months from now.

The new technology has given birth to the new smartphone era, which is continuously changing and evolving. The Nexus 6 design could be completely different from the present design. But Nexus 5 is the best-designed Nexus smartphone till to this date. And big brother, Nexus 6 might follow the same path and there is the maximum probability that manufactures of Nexus 6 would be LG only.

The Completion

At present not much information is available regarding the Google Nexus 6 release date, specifications, features and price. But the story will not end here. One of the internal leaks has revealed, Nexus 6 could be the final smartphone of the Google Nexus series. Because, what would be called the 2015th Nexus? Nexus 7? Well, already this name is occupied by tablet Google Nexus 7. However, positivity will never die inside the smartphone fans, we know Google will launch it with another name including nexus.

Google LG Nexus 6

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42 thoughts on “Google Nexus 6 getting ready to roar

  1. More than 3GB RAM won’t make any sense until 64 bit ARM processors are available. (So far Apple’s A7 is the only one shipping in quantity; others are expected this year.) The current 32 bit ARM processors only support 4GB of address space and some of that is used for things other than RAM. You could have memory management that would allow a 32 bit CPU to use more memory (though not for a single process), but current devices don’t have that and ARM hasn’t announced any plans. They expect their 64 bit designs to fill the needs of systems requiring more RAM.

    1. Hi Shirley! Thanks for your detailed information regarding the present and upcoming smartphone’s chips. As per my knowledge, present 32-bit chip can support up to 4GB RAM, if 2GB chips are coupled together rather than using 4GB direct chip. Also, 32-bit chip Galaxy Note 3 is running perfectly with 3GB RAM. Also, you could be right regarding the 4GB address space but at present I am not confirmed, I would be back after researching the ARM present generation architecture. But I am really thankful that you have shared this much with the readers. Cheers!

    2. 4GB is the limit. Not 3GB. Also, even if the RAM passes the 4GB limit, they can always add PAE to allow the CPU to address more space.

      1. You didn’t catch “some of the address space is used for things other than RAM”. That means that the effective RAM ceiling is somewhat less than 4GB; 3GB is a reasonable estimate of what is feasible. You are right about the existence of PAE, but the Linux kernel branch with ARM LPAE support has seen little use so its stability is questionable, and so far as I know there is no Android support for it.

        PAE is an idea whose time has come and gone. Even the PAE kernel branch for x86 is suffering from neglect because nearly everybody uses 64 bit capable processors and runs the 64 bit kernel instead. 64 bit ARM processors are on the way this year (Apple’s A7 shipped in 2013; Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 410 and 610/615) so it won’t matter for long.

  2. Such high end configurations with 3100mAH battery, will prove to be a bad black mark. Already most of the people using smartphone, are crying out loud for a more power backup, in the device itself. Nexus 5 already has multiple complains about the battery life.

    1. Hi Samrat, thanks for your comment. Smartphones are always criticized because of their battery backup. At the launch of Nexus 5, all Google fans (including me) were unhappy to see just 2300 mAh battery. My personal expectations was above 2700+ mAh. But in future generation Nexus of course, Google would like to overcome the falls, and we might see a good rated battery.

      1. My concerns are the high specs will shorten the battery life; and i really don’t like a new phone launch every year, its just too fast for me personally. The point is one year ago you got the top specs mobile and a year later something come out better, which to be honest one year is not really a long time. I just hope I can enjoy my top specs phone a bit longer. Now I am using nexus 4, and its still one of the fastest, smoothest device. But when the nexus 6 come out eventually, the upgrade for nexus 4 may stop, then people who own the nexus 4 of course will not be happy. So the point is the nexus 5 is one of the flagship at the moment, and I strongly believe that next year it will still is, so do we necessarily need the nexus 6? I am not sure, even I am a huge nexus fan.

        1. Arey, I have only thing to say “True words”. But you there is the possibility that you may feel bore next year with Nexus 4 (Nexus 4 is indeed a smooth and cool phone that can handle all present apps, games and things).

    2. On a review versus the nexus 5 and Iphone 5c, it says the performance of battery life on watching a video non-stop, in this case from Netflix will last the nexus 5, 4 hours approximately, rather than 7 hours from the iPhone 5c.
      Anyways if you compare the unlocked phone prices from other phones its great. Hopefully Google does a 50-100 dollar price drop soon, like they did with the nexus 4.

      1. The Nexus 5 was introduced at the price that the Nexus 4 had been reduced to, so I’m not counting on further price reductions. It’s already an amazing deal at its current price – it’s at least $150 cheaper than other phones with comparable high end hardware.

    3. Let me tell you the truth about the battery life: it is very dependant on the provider Network, signal quality and technology. I have tested phones and tablets on 3 providers in Romania, and the results vary A LOT. From less than a day in standby only, to 5 days standby depending on location here in our country. I tested only the standby. In one case scenario my Galaxy Note 3 lasted 7 hoursin standby, 50% signal, untouched!
      For personal use i have bought in 2013 a LG Nexus 5 and a Nexus 7 FHD 4G for playing games and testing apps. I have no game or uselless app instaled on my Nex5 and it lasts from 2-4 days with a lot of calls, texting, whatsapp, youtube and emailing. Never goes bellow 2 days. Record is full 4 days. Network: Orange 4G LTE 1800mhz, signal 25% to 100%. I play all my games on the tablet. That one lasts about 2 days.
      My friend’s N5 lasts barelly one day. He does everything with his phone: games, music via bluetooth, emails, calls via BT, whatsapp, hangouts, youtube. Network: Vodafone HSDPA 75%-100%.
      This is real life info. Best regards to you all.

    4. I think its a myth about Nexus 5 battery life. I have been using Note as well as Nexus 5 and I don’t find any problem with Nexus 5 battery despite of the fact that we do heavy internet browsing and gaming on it. It gives normal performance if not great or bad, and its anytime a better buy than any Samsung smartphone seeing the fast swift performance, HDR+ camera picture qualities. The major drawbacks appear to me are its speaker which appear not great when you start playing loud music and also rinttone sometimes looks very soft. However the volume of talking speaker is quite high. Also since the body has no metal chassis, its more fragile than those with metallic body. Otherwise, this machine is a plain killer!

  3. I think Nexus 6 might have a 6 GB RAM, and release in September 2014 because Google will be facing heat of stiff competition from Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 this year.

  4. To state that there may be two separate models released in the same year or that any of the specs will increase to 4 times the current amount is foolish. If there is a NEXUS 6 it will release at the end of the year probably at the end of October like it does every year. The maximum storage will probably go up to 64 Gigs and the screen might go up to 6″ (Making it the last size increase since there is already a Nexus 7). I would not expect much from the camera since Google has never seemed to care about camera performance in its Nexus phones. The processor might go to a 64 bit since that is the current direction and the RAM will be 3 or 4 Gig (4 would be stretching it).

    Please, enough of the hype already, all the predictions last year were way off until the manuals and pics of prototypes started appearing around August. To start this now is irresponsible.

  5. We won’t get an Android phone with more than 3GB RAM until 64 bit ARM processors become available. The only one in volume production is Apple’s A7, though that should change in 2014. 32 bit ARM chips only have 4GB of address space and some of that is used for peripherals; the flash ROM is brought into the address space a small piece at a time. When we see a 64 bit design the internal flash might simply be part of the address space.

    1. Do you seriously believe by the time it is released that there won’t be 64 bit processors in other phones? Samsung and Google are android friends so it isn’t much of a reach to see Google ask Samsung to produce one for this phone or even better allow them to use the proc in the GS5….

  6. I hope that it will have a nice build, and it will come soonish on the market. I would love to buy this one, but if is too late compared to S5 from Samsung, I may go for that one. My hope is to have a smartphone that behaves a lot like a pocket computer. My phone at this point is an old Nokia with monocrome screen and I feel no need to change it. The only reason I would go for a smartphone is for its computer like features. For this reason, for as long as they have less than 3-4 Gb ram, I see no point in buying a smartphone, because I am sure that apps will eat whatever you have as fast as possible. So I want one of the first devices with 4 Gb RAM on 64 bits and I plan to use it until the new graphene processors will become mainstream. And I hope it will happen sooner rather than later.

  7. If you want to buy a smartphone then you should definitely buy the Nexus 6 if it comes out. IT is the best phone in the world. Samsung S5 is going to be crap like all its other phones they have had. I personally already got a Nexus 4 and it updated from 4.3 jellybean when I first had it to 4.4.2 KitKat the new one. I think Samsung just rip u off. Even the Samsung S4 never had 4.4 KitKat it had the old crap android software. Technically LG’s G2 Smartphone is the best Smartphone currently on the market and Nexus is the Second. Samsung are no way near good enough for making Smart phones. Thats why I would never purchase a Samsung Smartphone.

  8. What company will make the phone?? will it have a removable battery?? will it have air gestures?? will it be a quad core processor or octa core processor??

  9. I own a nexus 5 it’s a killer device a true delight to own. The nexus line is something which always excites the true android and smartphone base, as for all the rumours so far that I’ve been following I feel that the Nexus 6 will have the resemblance of the LG G pro 2 but hey!they are just mere rumours I think all the above said features and specs depends on the latest smartphone releases in the MWC 2014 rumours are that the S5 will be coming at a slashed price…though not in comparison with the nexus I can presume… But I think Google will follow the latest release closely and personally I feel will bring in their new flagship by the 3rd quarter! I for one being optimistic and hopeful feel that the Nexus 6 should be continued to be made by LG and not Lenovo keeping my fingers crossed on this one.:)

  10. I have a gs3 & had the gs2 b4 that. I am not super impressed with what samsung is releasing for the gs5. The nexus has always caught my interest as it is always ahead of the game with its updates and os. I did have the lg g2 which still works and my brother is using it after all these years and abuse. Now I have seen a prototype for this nexus 6 that shows it as a phone with a curved display like another lg available on the market now. I would love to see the curved display integrated into the nexus 6. This prototype looks amazing and comes in 5 or so different colors. Im tempted to get the nexus 5 in april and then upgrade to the nexus 6 when it comes out.

  11. The Nexus 5 is by far the best smartphone available at the moment. Of course even as an avid Android fan I cant deny that the iPhone 5s is a good phone but users such as myself don’t just want a phone in their pockets, they want a small computer and that what the Nexus 5 is. quad core 2.26ghz processor with 2go ram is more than many entry level 350$-500$ laptops. for anything casual I now use my phone. I just realised one day that I hadnt used my laptop for 4 days . That being said I doubt that the Nexus 6 will have a 20 mpx camera when the Nexus 5 has an 8 mpx. Most high end smartphones have a 12 mpx camera and i doubt Google will go higher than 14. Instead they will improve the camer software. I also doubt that they will offer 128go of storage simply because Google is working towards an ubiquitous cloud. It will remain 16go and 32go. As far as the processor i think that instead of of a specs race like pc’s 2-3 years ago they should keep the quad at arount 2.26ghz but ad a GPU of at least 512mhz or even 1 ghz wit 1 go of dedicated ram tp support the 2k and eventual 4k resolotion as well as better games. If they want to add a fingerprint scanner i don’t care as long as it doesnt affect the price. A fingerprint scanner is a useless gimmick and everyone i know that has a iphone 5s used it for 1 day just like facial recognition. if someone wants to get into your phone they will scanner or not. Once they have all that down the most important is the battery. When i switched from my old Samsung Google Nexus S to my Razr HD I was blown away. Finally I could use my phony like i pleased without worrying about if i would make it to the next charging time or place. I would leave home on a full charge and walk to the metro with music on and full brighness cuz of the sun all the while having maps opened for transit options and reading emails to get ready for work. Once in the metro i would watch a movie in hd for 1 hour and then walk to work again with music and gmail. At work my phone was always on me and i would use it troughout the day for callendar app, recording meetings, calculator app, phone, even to listen on some calls from my agents. then i leave work and its the same as the morning but in reverse so 20 minutes music and maps, 60 minutes hd movie and 20 minutes music and internet. I swear i would get home with 30% to 40% left. It was te first time that leaving my house and forgetting my charger would not give me a panic attack. So to Google i say sacrifice the camera (nothing under 8mpx), sacrifice the useless gadgets like scanners and put the biggest battery you can with the best power management software you can

  12. It seems that every time a new Nexus comes out, it surpasses my expectations. Even so, I have doubts on both the 2K resolution, 20 MP camera as well as 64 GB memory. The 2K display will only suck battery life, and is it even needed? I bet an even bigger battery is needed to support a 2K display. It mus also be hard to mass produce as well. 20 MP camera seems to be too much of a leap. They never changed to MP of the camera from nexus 4 to 5. 16 seems to be more reasonable. Also, I bet demand for 32 GB will still be large. 16 GB may be gone, but not 32 GB. I also hope there is a 64-bit processor, and possibly have it run ART by default.

  13. I agree that we probably won’t see an above-1080p display or a 20MP camera. The Nexus line isn’t about being the absolute top of the line in everything; it’s about bringing high end features to a mid-range price point. Going all-out on every feature would make it impossible to hit that price.

    The new phone features for 2014 really aren’t all that exciting. I could easily see Google doing only a minor refresh this year – a RAM bump to 3 or 4GB and an upgraded camera, most likely 12 or 13MP. Plus a price adjustment: lower the 16GB version to $299 and 32GB to $349, and add a new 64GB option for $399.

    I think 2015 will be the year for a 64-bit Nexus; by then the Linux kernel for ARMv8-A will be mature and Google will have had the time to do the necessary work on Android. We could see one this fall – Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 615 which will probably be ready to ship in quantity by then – but I don’t think it’s the way to bet.

  14. I have a Nexus 5 (32 GB) and really love it! It is just the right size and weight, and has an awesome HD screen and a powerful processor. I hope the Nexus 6 will not be any bigger (like have a 5.5″ screen) as this would be a show stopper for me.
    My wishlist for the Nexus 6:
    - better battery (that lasts longer)
    - better camera (at least 13 or 16 Megapixels)
    - no bigger that the Nexus 5 (which is my personal size limit)
    - LTE (of course!)
    - 802.11ac Wifi (same as Nexus 5)
    - a higher resolution screen (like quad HD)
    - a faster processor (at least a snapdragon 805)
    - and that feature on the Galaxy S5 where you can combine LTE and WiFi to speed up file download!

  15. I love the nexus 5 so much I can only hope it’s among those lines on design and touch. I mean, curved backs and displays don’t make it for me, flatter and thinner is my wish

  16. I think Nexus 6 might have a 4 GB RAM, and release in September 2014 because Google will be facing heat of stiff competition from Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 this year.

  17. Hi Sunny, I am so excited for this hardcore device and want to hold this in my hands. Here are only rumors in the market about its release date but I want Google to announce its release date soon. Thanks for sharing the information about Nexus 6.

  18. No curved display please. Quit calling it a Nexus 6 when it only has a 5.2″ screen – Google’s naming convention with mobile devices of late is that the number matches the screen size category. I hope they stick with it! It’s a “Good” thing.

  19. Hi Friends i am great fan of Nexus series i was going to purchase the Google Nexus 5 phone soon but when i heard abt Nexus 6 i will like go for the upcoming phone can anybody tell the exact launch date of Nexus6.


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